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LYS is on a mission to create personal light adjusted to people’s inner rhythms and daily routines, enabling healthier living with light and making it available for everyone.


LYS wanted to reposition its business from a B2C wearable tech company to a B2B software as a service (SaaS) company, leveraging a large circadian rhythm and light intake database.
In light of such radical shift, a company must revisit its go-to-market strategy in order to repositioning the company with high impact. Hence, revitalising and refreshing the brand narrative, value proposition, and visual identity is crucial to make a clear and consistent footprint under new market circumstances.

In close collaboration with LYS, we proposed a 5-week process to revitalise the LYS brand to fit its new business strategy and audience. The first two weeks focused on gaining relevant internal and external market insights with LYS. This served as the foundation for crafting the company value proposition, leading to the company vision and driving market awareness. In the following two weeks of strategy, we built a strong foundation for a new verbal and visual identity that reflected the vision, value proposition, and customer needs and wants.


Aligning and expressing LYS's vision to meet future customers' needs is vital to gaining a foothold in a new yet rapidly evolving market. The opportunity to scale the team and business to great success relies on a strong brand purpose and vision and the ability to translate it into effective communication.

The new LYS visual identity consists of a refined wordmark, a new brand typeface, that visually embodies LYS' human-centric and technological approach to healthy light. Custom-drawn iconography based on the letterforms of the typeface. A new color palette, that mirrors the warmth of natural light. A digital design concept to show how the brand can come alive on and through their new apps.


Just like air, food, and water, light is a natural and vital source of health. To most people, the absorption of light is an unconscious choice in life. It’s everywhere, always. But not necessarily in a healthy way. We can choose to eat better, drink less, and run more. But what about the things we don’t see but subconsciously feel? The things that can truly energise our day and make us happier and healthier?



Design Director:
Carsten Nguyen Henriksen

Lead Digital Designer:
Jacob Bøgelund Larsen

Lead Brand Designer:
Thorbjørn Gudnason

Lead Business Designer:
Kiki Lund Schjølin

Senior Digital Designer:
Mikkel Hendeliowitz

Digital Designers:
Elina Frolova
Ovi Bejinariu

Type of work:
· Brand identity
· Digital design

Photo credit:
Pierre Stachurska

Red Dot Award 2022,
Corporate Identity

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