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GN is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids founded more than 150 years ago.


Millions of people across the world, are struggling with their hearing in various situations. From first noticing a decrease in hearing capabilities, to actually seeking out help, the average gap is 6 years. For many people, getting a traditional hearing aid can feel like a big step.

With FDA in the US market recently changing regulations to allow for hearing aid’s to be sold as OTC (“Over The Counter”) products, it is no longer required for consumers to provide a doctor’s prescription to buy devices with medical-grade hearing aid capabilities. This opens up new possibilities for GN to market their high end hearing aid devices to a much larger audience that can benefit from technology that can enhance their hearing capabilities without them being classified as hearing disabled.


Backed by extensive research Designit worked in close cross-collaboration with audiologists, engineers and business leads from GN to prototype and design a digital experience. Allowing consumers to do a self-fitting hearing-test and fine-tune their earbuds towards specific needs.

Designit also did concepts and prototypes for the physical product, resulting in a set of compact, discreet, and easy to use set of 3-in-1 wireless earbuds for hearing enhancement, music and calls, with an accommodating charging case.


The earbuds are designed and engineered to help people focus on what they want to hear. The pioneering solution aims to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity through advanced medical-grade technology. Making it easier for people to participate in conversations in noisy environments. One of the most severe pain points and social challenges occurring from initial hearing loss.


With the opportunity to claim a new market position, GN was unsure where the product would reside within their portfolio of brands. Designit made a “white-label” design solution that would allow for the combined team to prototype and test the entire user experience without relying on a specific brand to “own” the product.


Throughout the process, Designit conducted multiple user tests on both the physical and digital experience of the product, allowing for iterations and refinements to be incorporated into various phases of the project.

Since Designit helped craft and design the highly praised concept and solution, GN has continued the work and has now unveiled the finished product. The JabraEnhance™ Plus is set to hit a worldwide audience with it’s first of its kind ground-breaking technology soon.



Lead Designer:
Jacob Bøgelund Larsen

Lead Designer:
Tarik Arnautovic

Digital Designer:
Liene Kalnina

Lead Design Researcher:
Ole Mansfeldt

Design Director:
Mark Weedon

Lead Industrial Designer:
Malin Grummas

Product Designer:
Ahsen Gülsen Sommarström

Type of work:
· Brand identity
· Digital design
· Industrial design

Photo credit:
Pierre Stachurska

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